Antonio founded Abrome to fundamentally change the way the world views education. He wants society to reject the notion that education should be a standardized product in which children are expected to be passive recipients of instruction that is chosen and delivered by adults. Antonio wants learners to be able to direct their own education so they can live rich, fulfilling lives. He believes that by providing learners with the opportunity to take full ownership of their education, they will be able to live remarkable lives while they’re still young, placing those who want to gain admission into the world’s elite universities at a significant advantage. By helping a new generation identify and pursue their passions, Abrome will help save millions of lives, and in the process change the world.

Antonio founded Peaceful Streets Project after being illegally assaulted and arrested when he questioned two police officers he observed assaulting an innocent woman. Fortunate to have multiple videos of the incident and multiple courageous witnesses step forward to testify on his behalf, as well as a resume and background that made it difficult for the police to slander him, he was able to build a diverse backing of supporters. He now is attempting to fundamentally change the way the world views the application of policing in order to bring about a cultural shift where individuals understand their rights and hold law enforcement officials accountable, and communities protect and serve each other.

Prior to founding Abrome, Antonio worked as an admissions consultant to individuals applying to top colleges and MBA programs, particularly Harvard and Stanford. He also worked as a middle school and high school teacher at an alternative school in Austin, TX. Before he dedicated his career to education, Antonio spent time in private equity, investment banking and the military. Antonio has served on the board of a child bereavement non-profit, volunteered at an orphanage in Bulgaria, volunteered for the West Point and Stanford admissions offices, coached high school football and has personally mentored and tutored dozens of children.

Antonio earned a B.S. in Systems Engineering from the United States Military Academy, an M.B.A. from Stanford University and an Ed.M. from Harvard University.